Lumia 950 XL update 1709 bricked my phone


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Jan 16, 2020
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as mentioned in the topic, I've been trying to install the Windows 10 Mobile version 1709 on my Lumia 950 XL. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the update downloaded and prepared itself without a problem, it didn't install itself properly and caused a loop: spinning gears for couple seconds, and a sad face. Restart and repeat.

As much as I'd like to just use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to restore my phone, it would also revert it to version 1511. And since I had real issues getting even to 1703, I'd rather not do that.

I've tried hard resetting it - hold the volume down and power button until it vibrates, then hold just the volume down button until the exclamation mark appears and press vol up, vol down, power and vol down buttons to start the reset, but it didn't work. If I press vol down and power buttons, the phone does indeed vibrate, but when I keep pressing the vol down button, it just resets again. Long story short - I can't even hard reset the damn thing.

Can someone help me with my potential brick? I don't want to have it in this state, since this is potentially my backup phone.


May 6, 2018
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Both my 650 and 950 say Version 1709. It's not Windows 10 on Arm. There was one last update in 2020. No problems getting it installed on either of my phones.


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Aug 13, 2016
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Op has a Lumia950XL like me and it's officially supported for fall creators update and should update to last 1709 build. My 2 Lumia950XLs updated to os version 10.0.15254.603 without any issues. Here's a list of phones officially supported for that build. Windows 10 Mobile receives its VERY last OS update (Jan 2020)
WDRT is the only way I know to restore your phone if hard reset doesn't work, but maybe someone else can chime in here if you know any other method? You will most likely loose all your text messages and MMS (even after a normal hard reset if you don't have them backed-up) as they no longer backup automatically after sept 2019.

If you're still in a Windows insider program you should leave it first to be able to update to latest os build.

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