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Aug 4, 2013
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Item Description:2X Lumia 950, Lumia 830, Lumia 640
Price: Varies. See below
Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: 950's and 830 requesting unlock. 640 AT&T
Condition:Used see below
Includes: Varies by phone. See below
Item Location: Los Angeles, CA
Shipping Details: USPS Priority
Payment Options: Zelle via your bank unless I can get access to a friends PayPal account
Additional Info:please see below for all info per phone
Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)

OK, where do I begin... All phones were used by either myself, wife or daughter.
Lumia 640 was purchased new. It will include an aftermarket charger as the original one cannot be located. It has a screen protector installed which means the screen should be mint/near mint condition. $35
Lumia 830 purchased from Amazon used. That phone will include an original Nokia charger and has an aftermarket battery cover that does not include NFC nor Qi wireless charging. The phone does have a little bump on one of the sides. That's how I purchased it from Amazon. $40
Lumia 950 Black back purchased from Amazon. This phone will include unused OEM charger, unused OEM USB cable and original box in Fair condition. Was an AT&T store display because when I first booted it up and loaded it, within a minute went into demo mode. I want to say that my wife was the first true owner of the phone as far as actually using it, but I know that's not 100% true. $150
Lumia 950 White back warranty exchange from AT&T. This phone will include OEM charger and OEM USB cable. This was my daily driver. $125
Accessories that are available are two cases for the Lumia 830 and 3 cases for the Lumia 950. Also a desktop charger for the Lumia 950 or any USB C compatible phone. Worked with my Lumia with a case on.

I know Windows Phone is dead, but I wish I could hang on a bit longer to them. All of my family switched back to iPhone. I still have a Lumia 950DS that will stay with us as a backup. I have put prices on the phones, but not the accessories. Those you can throw an offer out there or maybe a combo if you want a phone as well.

I will be requesting unlocks for all phones within the next day or two so if you decide to buy a phone, there's a chance I will have the unlock code for you by then. I will add photos as needed when I have more time to take them if requested.

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