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Apr 1, 2019
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With the end of life coming shortly, I would love it if reg edits specific to this device and pre formatted could be consolidated here or elsewhere for automation purposes.

That being said, here are some I could not find and am curious if they exist:

Settings, task view, file exp, outlook, and or "third color" (dark grey) bg color in the theme to set to pure black everywhere for OLED.

Modify voltage and or clock speeds of the CPU/GPU and GPU split to use the remaining 512MB RAM instead of pooling from 3.5GB shared, if possible.

Enable or modify DNS, NTP, and or Firewall entries in addition to setting internet on a per app basis where applicable.

Remove camera, animation, boot, and other artificial performance delay wait timers.

Disable Cortana entirely.

Disable manual update checks or windows update, entirely.

Turn off the "No Internet" premature WiFi label + notification and The actual entry to change from auto WiFi turn on automatically after 1hr to Manual (when you mess up the first go around or for certainty purposes).

Setting the backlight range to lower than current branch stock.

Block certain sensors for specific apps.

A consolidated portion of "for camera" settings for this device for speed, liveimages, etc.

A list of all non-needed tracking hosts and IPs for the stock image that just waste your data and battery on a dead platform.

Diag, Telemetry, tracking, error reporting, etc disablement of services and services for no longer applicable options or not available features for this device (NFC?).

Edge User Agent Changing, Javascript on/off, removed or uncheck the greyed out narration/speech thing in about:config .

Common settings tasks that should be merged if reg entries are available such as Setup Wizard and PrintDialog having default background access.

"Cleanup" temp/log/etc data time or trigger intervals.

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