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Making a Redstone-Flavored Decision (Should I Upgrade?)

Zachary Boddy

Staff member
Aug 3, 2014
Good morning,
I've been an Insider since the beginning, and at first I was at the forefront of the program with my laptop and my tiny little Lumia 520 both on the Fast Ring. Once Threshold 1 was released I dialed it down and moved my laptop to the Slow Ring. Once Microsoft announced the Release Preview Ring I dialed it down even more and moved my laptop to that Ring. By this time I had retired my Lumia 520 and replaced it with a Lumia 640 which is currently on the Fast Ring where it's been since the moment it was able to get Redstone builds.
My problem now is I'm debating if I should move my laptop by to Fast Ring or maybe even just Slow Ring so I can start testing Redstone on my PC and my phone (backup phone). On one hand I only have the one laptop and I'm not a fan of the risk, but on the other hand I really, really want to test out the new features and start submitting feedback. As of right now I don't use my laptop for anything real important so it's not like I'd be at risk of losing my job or something if my laptop died (I'd just cry a lot). I'm really on the fence here so I just wanted to hear your experiences and if you believe Redstone is worth the risk right now. Thanks in advance.
Zachary Boddy


New member
Jan 27, 2014
Really depends. I can tell you that I've had minimal issues with RS (14316). Currently my feedback hub isn't working tho, so can't submit anything. Worst issue I've had so far are: my touchpad left-click thinking it's a right-click, cortana is sometimes slow to respond (can't use her for a quick search after I've just rebooted) and getting start menu seems to be hit and miss (works immediately sometimes and other times I have to minimize everything first)

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