Media playback errors while using Continuum


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May 30, 2014
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I wanted to start a thread because I was having issues when trying to play back media on my Lumia 950 XL while it was in Continuum mode. Whenever I tried to play back media (either video via the Movies & TV app or music via the Groove Music app or streaming movies via the Netflix webpage in Microsoft Edge) while using Continuum, I would get an error code. I have several “Continuum Docks” besides the Microsoft HD-500. I got the same error message regardless of which dock I was using while attempting to play media while in Continuum (so this problem is not isolated to just the Microsoft HD-500 dock). I started getting this error around last fall when Microsoft pushed out the Windows 10 Mobile Fall update (1709). I think I finally figured out what happened: The Fall Update somehow broke the phone’s ability to stream audio via the HDMI connector while in Continuum to the TV/Monitor. I don’t know if this problem affects the DisplayPort connections (I don’t use that type of connection). If you’re getting these types of errors, here’s what I did to “fix” them.

1) Connect your dock (whether it’s the HD-500 or a different one) to your monitor or TV. This includes the power and the HDMI (or DisplayPort if you’re using that connection). Do ***not*** connect your Windows Phone to the dock yet.

2) Prior to connecting your phone to the dock, you first need to establish/create a different way to stream the audio off your phone. For example, connect a pair of wired headphones to the 3.5mm jack on your phone. Or connect to a Bluetooth speaker (or headphones). For example, I usually establish a Bluetooth connection to either my Bose SoundLink Mini portable speaker or my BlueAnt Wireless headphones prior to connecting my phone to the Continuum dock.

3) Once you’ve established an audio connection, now connect your phone to the Continuum dock.

4) Once your phone is connected and you see the Windows 10 Desktop on your external monitor/TV, you should now be able to watch (and hear) your media on the big screen.

I hope this helps folks experiencing the same problems I had. If this solution solved your problem, could you please reply to this thread so others can see/verify that this solution is working for others. I would love to see Microsoft fix this problem in future updates, but considering that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer truly supported my Microsoft (except for Security Patches), I’m not holding my breath.


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