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Microphone for Word and IE? Lost owner info on lock screen?

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microphone for Word and IE? Lost owner info on lock screen?

hi. For lumia 635, is there a way to use the microphone in Word to make notes? I just need something simple and easy to make notes with speech-to-text, so if not possible with Word, can you recommend a free App in the store for this that doesn't want access to my whole phone and everything you know what I mean?

Also, same for IE, there's no microphone speech to text, To get to it, I have to first type something in and search it and then in the results page it finally shows a microphone. Maybe if I download a Chrome app (if it even exists for the phone?) But I do prefer IE11, at least on my desktop.

Can I add my contact info on the lock screen if I loose the phone? Or do I have to like write it in a document on my desktop PC and then take a picture of it and then set that picture as the lock screen background? Or make similar image with an App which I'm not aware of? thanks


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: microphone for Word and IE? Lost owner info on lock screen?

Speech to text is not my thing so I'll leave that for someone who uses it.

Lockscreen? Try this: https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/lockmix/f010a687-6818-4cd2-876f-710e9a83f324

Does what you want and a whole lot more... Word of warning; stay away from the picture changer functions. Any lockscreen picture changers run the risk (post Cortana) of starting the "Resuming screen bug" going on your phone. Don't ask me why. But this will definitely let you put an If found contact X for reward type thing on there along with some other cool stuff.

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