Microsft Arc Mouse BT on Honor 9 connection issue


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Feb 24, 2016
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Hi Guys,

Since my Lumia 950XL fell down and its screen broke a decided to get an android phone. Not gonna lie, with Launcher 10 Honor 9 is a better phone which only misses glance screen due to IPS display and worse camera.

But to the point... I am using MS foldable keyboard for my travels and Arc Touch Mouse. These accessories are compatible with basically any hardware... but my mouse refuses to connect to Honor 9.

Honor can find it, pair it, but the mouse never connects :(
I have no clue what to do to make it work. I even factory reseted the phone, but it still didn't help it... I checked if the mouse itself is OK, and it is. It connects to my Lumia, Surface book, even HTC One and an iPhone which with no issue.

I susspect that EMUI could be the problem as HTC had the same version of android. So the only difference is the manufacturers bloaware above android.

any tips how to make it work? I dont want to buy a new mouse as Arc Mouse is absolutely great with its foldable design :)

thank you for any tips guys :)

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