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Microsoft disappoints again - 950 shipping delayed in Canada?


WPCentral Question

I ordered the Lumia 950 in Canada on November 23 with the website noting it was in stock & that it "ships by November 25, 2015". I had not heard anything for couple days so on 25th I got in touch with MS Store Support and they assured me everything was good and I would receive an email in 24 hours with shipping confirmation.
Today, November 27 I received and email from MS confirming that my 950 was delayed and it would not ship till December 14th now. No real reason given for the delay besides "we have an issue that has blocked us from shipping orders..." and how are they going to "make it right"? By giving me a mere $25 gift card towards their store. That was more like an insulting joke! I am spending close to $800 CAD on your phone and you are giving me 3% of that value to spend on YOUR store?

* I can provide a copy of the email but can't find a way to upload an image or include a link in this post*

What is really frustrating me here?
> I am going on a trip on the other side of the world for couple of weeks and was really looking forward to enjoying the new 950 during this time. Now it will get here when I'm away and no way to fast track it.
> I contacted the MS store support again today and asked about the "issues" and they had no clue!
> Why can MS not get the simplest of things right? First 950 is not stellar show-stopper phone and it is testing the patience of even the die hard MS fans who were definitely expecting more at this point.