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Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 is missing, no opening, no any "threads" awailable

Kari Peltomaa

New member
Apr 17, 2017
After couple years operating use of Microsoft Edge, it disappears totally.
What ever I do, it will not come up (in pressing a Edge tab, it "blinks" hardly visible a second.
Now, all possible tryings, advised read/handled by/from Windows, community:
Windows Edge is not opening.
There is none more what to do but re-installing Windows 10 (64bit), latest version 1703.
Will Windows assist to have Microsoft Edge re-installed as I see, being only solution, when not wishing to re-install all other softwares
Awaiting solution / proposals
thank you


New member
Dec 22, 2014
Other troubleshooting suggestions :

Create another user account with exactly the same privileges.
Logon to the new account.
Does Edge show up ?
If yes, it indicates your old account is corrupted.
Use the new account for a few days to make sure the account is working fine.
After that, go to your old account > backup files you want to keep > delete the old account.