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Microsoft Surface Desktop Range


New member
May 16, 2012

So, it's been 2 years since the Surface Studio 2 was released, and that was released 2 years after the Surface Studio 1 was released, so the rumour mill is starting to kick in with a new Surface Studio to be announced by the end of this year.

What about though instead of just a Surface Studio 3 released, they instead went for a full desktop range.

So, Surface Studio Mini, Surface Studio (standard) and Surface Studio Pro with the 'Pro' being the direct upgrade from the Studio 2, the 'Standard' being a sub $2k all in one without the fancy hinge, and the Mini your 'typical' box under your monitor option?

That'll line them up pretty much with Apple, who are now more aggressively pushing the idea of 'your iPad is a computer replacement' with their new keyboard and current campaign.

Or do you think Microsoft will just let the other PC manufacturers continue to cover the home desktop market?

me just saying

New member
May 17, 2020
imo, variety is good but tablets cannot be an effective or efficient deskop, inspite of what apple or anyone says.