Microsoft Teams meetings in your car? Finally, what we've all been asking for.


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May 9, 2012
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This seems to me like a pure win. This is not like getting text messages when you're in bed or on vacation. Being able to take hands-free calls in the car allows otherwise useless time to be productive. This SAVES time outside the office for family by letting you deal with these things while driving so that when you get home, you're done.

My biggest gripe with Teams on Android is related to the way MS has rolled out personal teams (I really wish they had just stuck with Skype for personal chat). It's effectively broken on Android. First, it's actually a hassle putting both into the same app, because even when' it's working, it makes moving between work and personal contacts require more steps than just multitasking between two apps and prevents having both a work and a personal chat active at the same time. Second, it's buggy so that I usually can't switch between Work and Personal chats. Right now, it's stuck on work contacts, which is the better way for it to be broken, because that's my ONLY way to communicate with work contacts. I can't access my personal Teams chats with family members. But sometimes, it flips and it's stuck on personal contacts, which prevents me from engaging with my colleagues. Disconnecting and reconnecting accounts gets it working again to go back and forth for a while, but then it will inevitably break again within a few days.

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