Microsoft - The Whole Mess...And Nothing But The Mess...

Paul Stoner 2

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Oct 10, 2017
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2015 Was an exciting year for me. Nadella took over Microsoft, I had owned a Lumia 1520 for less than a year, Windows 10 was released, Microsoft Band 2, Windows 10 Mobile was released, promises of top developers and the Universal Windows Platform; so much to look forward to! It felt like a breath of fresh air to see all this awesome tech coming from Microsoft! I even upgraded to the Lumia 950...I loved my Windows Phone.

Then soon after...the promises all fell short...

But alas. hardly any developers jumped on board - or when they did, they didn't stick around long. The windows 10 Store suffered the consequences as well. Last year I made the move to Android simply for the app market place. Band 2, dead. Now no more Windows Phone. As Windows 10 continues to worsen, I can't even switch to Ubuntu linux because of the way Windows 10 and UEFI are tightly knit together, it royally screws up linux builds.

Microsoft made a lot of promises, and a lot of gambles. Admittedly, made some seriously awesome hardware and accessories to boot!

It is sad to see the greatness and the promises tank.

I miss how well everything jived together and Microsoft was cool again...and the pride of showing someone my sweet Windows Phone and all it could do...

It was a good couple of years...sad that really nothing panned out for Microsoft...


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Oct 14, 2014
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As Windows 10 Mobile is dead now, it's first time I wish my Lumia can install and run Android OS. L950XL is nice piece of hardware (several other Lumias too) and it would be great if someone can make this possible. I'm not optimistic, just dreaming...

We worked together with Microsoft "to build better OS", submitted a millions of bugs, suggestions, great ideas... and now what we have? We have dead OS and dead devices. We are extremely stupid people. :)

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