missing e-mail account list, e-mail list via start messaging


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Jul 1, 2010
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There is a screen in windows mobile (this is in the old format in white with multiple tabs on the bottom) that lists all the email accounts that are set up and allows to select an account and edit it.
Somehow sonewhere I unchecked a checkbox that opens the email list and the tools options that allowed me before to make change to this does no longer appear. I can still in touch flow 3D go to an account and do actions to the mail in there, I just don't seem to have the ability anymore to get to this screen to edit the account parameters (pop server, smtp server, frequency of checking the mail) anymore. Before I do a hard reset, is there a shortcut/way to get to this screen i.e. by going to the file explorer and clicking a file like you can do that in the regular windows? device tilt2 , standard ROM , pls help?


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Aug 13, 2008
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In WM 6.5 using Sense, this is how to get to settings to adjust your parameters. Scroll right (bottom of screen) to "Mail", tap "Menu", select "Account Settings", select account you want to change and you'll be at settings. Another option is scroll to "Mail", tap on "Inbox", then tap on "Menu" scroll screen up till "Tools" appears then tap on it. Now tap on "Options". There are tabs at bottom of this screen to make adjustments to your account. If you tap on (highlight) account you want to adjust, a new screen will open to allow you to adjust "Account Setup", "Send/Receive Settings" and "Download Size Settings". I hope this helps. I believe that is what you were looking for. :)

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