Monster Hunter World: Iceborne might be the best expansion I've ever played

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Dec 17, 2013
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Monster Hunter World only gets better with Iceborne, Capcom's "Massive Expansion," which adds all-new reasons to hunt, grind, and slay.
In a past life, Capcom was busted for helping generate some of the earliest backlashes against DLC, by cutting gameplay content available on-disc, selling it again as separate DLC. Alongside various other similar controversies from various publishers, Capcom helped create the meme that DLC is all about cheating a game's most passionate users out of their cash with minimal effort content. Capcom has turned a corner in recent years, however, and nothing proves that fact to me more than Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which might be the best expansion I've ever played.
Unfortunately, there was no early access review program for the Xbox version, so take this as a review-in-progress. Iceborne has already enjoyed a ton of praise, getting over 90 on Metacritic for the PlayStation version. Albeit late to the party, I thought I'd offer some thoughts on my Iceborne experience so far, and why it has already totally shattered my already-lofty expectations.

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