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Oct 17, 2015
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Hey guys.

I really wonder if you guys are tired of yet another mp3 player in the store now that Microsoft's offering is getting decent. But if you guys want something more akin to the old Zune app whether on desktop or on WP7, we have been building is cool mp3 player that's been meticulously designed (but has not been well-executed .yet.). We actually started doing this when Xbox Music is terrible but then we are student with part time jobs so things went really slowly. Now that Groove music is getting decent we will have to kick up a notch too.

We're intending to put a bunch of features in our app that doesn't have in Groove music yet (we used to think gapless playback but Groove beat us to the punch) - the features that we loved in Zune - like pinning, histories, a rating system, and smart playlist, or even wireless syncing; or the feature that could be awesome - lyrics, Last.fm full integration, iOS-like seeking, built-in ID3 editor; and catching up with Groove - OneDrive music, GPlay music, and so on.

But yeah, just what's very basic we think in an mp3 player will get to the first official version, so even if you guys going to buy the official version, you are very like a kickstarter sort of person. (I just really don't like Kickstarter because I feel like people can get away with promises and while you guys have the immediate hand-on with the app)

So after a whole year in a slow development. Here it is. It's still Beta. We tested it really hard so we caught all the bugs we could find by ourselves. But it's software, who knows what's less unless there's a good chunk of user playing around. Beta is free but it works until an expiring date which we will continuously expand. We will update to your feedback (whether it's UI/UX or bugs) as fast as we can (the slowest would be once a week). There are notes below so be sure to check it out.

Oh BTW, silly name, I know, silly logo too. Good news is, we are already having alternatives in mind. However, I would be very appreciative of you guys for suggestions.

I don't have the permission to put links because WPCentral does not let me to because I haven't had 10 posts (I had a different account for my usual forum activities and I just created this one)

However, if you go to the store and look for "ENUZ-BETA" it should be discoverable. WORKS ON WINDOWS 8.1

Phone screenshot:

Tablet screenshot:
Screenshot (89) small.png

For more screenshot just go to the store. (We've just updated in the store, it takes awhile for Microsoft to take effect)

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