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Mpow MLens V2 and V3, giving your Windows Phone camera pro-like performance


Staff member
Dec 17, 2013

Mpow offers a host of accessories for your Windows Phone and Windows PC devices that range from Bluetooth headphones, speakers and backup batteries. The MLens line of accessories is a collection of clip-on lenses that fit over your Windows Phone camera to expand its range.
We have already looked at the V1 set of MLens accessories that include a set of three accessory lenses (wide-angle, fish-eye and super macro) and we recently had the opportunity to try out Mpow's V2 and V3 lenses. These lenses are much larger than the V1 lens set and include a fish-eye option (the V2) and a wide-angle option (the V3).
Sold separately for just under $30 at Amazon, these lenses are solidly built, produce quality photos and have a 2-in-1 design that provides a 10x macro lens for your close-up needs. As an added bonus, these lenses can also fit a Digital or Video cameras that have a 37mm threaded lens.

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