MS band question(s). can you record a run and check UV?

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MS band question(s). can you record a run and check UV? and other Q

i have one and i like it and it's (mostly) comfortable worn inside the wrist. my issue with it is

1 - if i start to record a run/whatever exercise then i can't seem to swap over to another screen and try to save power by enabling plane mode, or if i wanted to check the UV levels where i'd ran to. there's no multitasking it seems (to me at least) so checking the time, let alone controlling my music playback with it during exercise is impossible.

2 - i get why it has GPS built in (a plus for me as endomondo on my phone crashes randomly) but reality is a lot of us will have a phone with us too (music) so can the band, on the start of a new run, record the GPS data on the phone and just sync up the rest of the data later once the run is done and the band sends the data over? it's not like the band is a normal usb device with a universal charger and my phone battery capacity is significantly higher than the bands.

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