MS strategy... Expensive and not gaining traction...


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Nov 6, 2012
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This whole mobile OS game is about market share?
Well, is it really about Ecosystem market share?
Because if it is... Then clearly MS is failing.
What are the MS products people really like?
Outlook, MS Office
Who is hurting Microsoft? Google and Samsung as well as newer Chinese Smartphone manufacturers.
The questions really are, how do you get people to buy WP devices and partner devices that might not run WP. How to you maintain the lead of Outlook, how do you grow Bing.
It might be useful to serve partners of MS a much better set of Outlook;Bing apps, clients as to get customers back to partners and to WP over time.
For example, selected manufacturers could get MS help to have way superior Outlook clients on their Android devices if they also make WP products.
MS could also provide superior Bing, MS Office apps.
Android allows side loading.... You just need a MS website that serves the apps outside the Play Store.
But the apps will only work on partner devices.
Everyone gets MS software... But WP partners get way better stuff for their Android devices.
Apple should not get the best stuff... Their iPad stuff is easily replaced by Windows and Android tablets from partners.
Also for software, there are so many good old Windows and DOS games that could be ported to WP and to a special Android app that runs them (for partners only.)
The key is to be able to offer way more software for WP and Android partner devices.
The other key is to provide what customers want... Like being able to download and resend files.
Pushing a product people don't want... Is not a profitable business.

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