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MS Surface 4 m3 or MS Surface 3 i5-i7 ?

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Hello people,

I've been staring at specs and eBay listings for days and I thought - what the hell ask someone else.. :)

Do you think I should buy a Surface Pro 4 m3 4gb or for roughly the same price a secondhand Surface Pro 3 i5 - i7 packing 8gb?

I know (in the loosest sense of the word) Surface 3 i5 and i7 have 4th Gen processors 1.7 and 1.9 Ghz and the Pro 4's m3 is 6th Gen 2.2 Ghz ... is this differance massive to performance?

But I thought 8gb of ram and an i5 - i7 processor has to be better that a Pro 4 entry level computer no?

The Surface Pro 4 keyboard and pen work on the the Pro 3 and the rest of the upgrades from 3 to 4 would be nice but they're not a deal breaker - Like the slightly larger screen, thinner, lighter, 51ppi extra screen resolution, 'hello' face recognition, magnetic pen holder.

The batteries in an older Pro 3 would probably have done way more cycles which could be a problem as battery life is quite important as I'm practically off-grid. But at the moment I get 3-4 hours on my old laptop and anything over that for me is a comfy bonus.

I design company branding and Web content and live in Adobe Illustrator but I'm more than happy with my 4 year old Acer i5 8gb or ram's abilities to keep up with me. So I'm guessing Pro 3 i5 - i7 with 8gb ram or the m3 Pro 4 could match my old Acer no?

I saw a perfect screened, works perfectly, but battered casing Pro 3 i7 256gb 8gb ram sell on eBay for £420 but that's not everyday. But £550 for a Pro 3 i7 8gb happens and £599 for a Pro 4 m3 with P4 keyboard and P4 pen I can buy right now... should I?

New P4 4gb bundle or P3 i5 - i7 8gb's for the same price, give or take a buck?

Any advice would be great! Then I can finally stop having dreams about eBay and computer specs :eek:)

Thanks again.