MSFT Universal Foldable keyboard and bluetooth connection issues


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Oct 19, 2011
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Hi was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue.

Lumia 1520 + official W10 mobile upgrade .164 + Universal Foldable Keyboard (Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard Review | Windows Central).

First time set up on my Lumia 1520 is straightforward. Bluetooth phone on-> fold open bluetooth keyboard-> Long press channel (till is starts flashing on/off in succession->choose windows with the top left keyboard OS button->wait for "Foldablekb" to appear". Select "Foldablekb"-> a notification appears with a connection code number->type that number on the keyboard and press enter->Done. Connection made and the keyboard works on my 1520 with windows 10!

But what happens in these sceanrios:

1. Done with with task on your phone. Bluetooth phone on, keyboard folded close. When you stash your phone away, but say 30 minutes later you want to be productive again? Just fold open the keyboard. After 1-2 seconds the keyboard is connected again. You can starting using the bluetooth keyboard.

2. You're done for the day and decide to save some batterylife. Perhaps be a bit productive a few hours later at the hotel. You turn off bluetooth on the phone and fold close the keyboard (= keyoboard off). Later at the hotel you feel productive and take out your windows mobile device and bluetooth keyboard. Turn things on and start, right? Unfortuantely you're out of luck. Connection can not be established when bluetooth is turned back on and keyboard is folded open. "Foldablekb" does appear in the bluetooth stack list in bluetooth settings menu, but pressing to connect on the phone does nothing. Neither does longpressing the channel button on the keyboard. Phone restart with bluetooth on. No change. Bluetooth off on restart and the on after reboot: keyboard name appears in the list but connection cannot be established.

Step 1: fold close microsofts bluetooth keyboard
Step 2: Put foldablekb into "connect" status". If it is labeled as "connecting" turn bluetooth off and then back on and wait for "foldablekb" to show "connect" status after a few seconds.
Step 3: Longpress "foldablekb".
Step 4: select "delete" from the contextmenu. Foldablekb will now disappear from the list.
Step 5: turn bluetooth off
Step 6: restart your phone
Step 7: After login turn bluetooth on
Step 8: fold open keyboard
Step 9: go to bluetooth settings page
Step 10: Longpress one of the channel buttons and wait 2-3 seconds for the light to flash
Step 11: Choose windows logo (top right) with the help of the OS selection button (top right button)
Step 12: Wait for "foldablekb" to appear in the bluetooth stack on the phone
Step 13: select "foldablekb"
Step 14: type in keyboard keycode on the keyboard from the notification on the phone and press enter on the keyboard.
Setp 15: keyboard is now connected and ready to use.

I'm almost 100% this can be done easier and without the necessity to have to obligatory delete a bluetooth connection from the bluetooth stack and then do a soft reset every single time you turn off the bluetooth radio on the phone. I am have not one single issue like this with my bluetooth speaker.

I can't imagine a product being designed this complex and dysfunctional to install. I'm sure I'm missing something here. Otherwise I'm going to have to escalate this problem to microsoft.

Has anyone else encountered problems with connecting their bluetooth keyboard or universal microsoft universal (foldable) keyboard to a windows 10 mobile device? Any solutions (coming)?

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