MSI Z590 Gaming Plus. Question.


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Apr 25, 2016
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Hey guys. I normally don't come on forums these days. Though try to check in once in a while. Though got a question for anyone out there that have a MSI Z series motherboard. I notice when I turn on my computer its brand new custom built and right in the middle of the screen I see this static white _ underline that stays there for a few seconds then goes away is this normal? After it goes away I see the regular top left underline blinking which I know is normal. Just feels odd as im so use to my old pc that had just old fashion bios vs this new one having UEFI with secure boot. I just wanted to be sure its nothing to be concern about. I took a pic to share on here. Perhaps someoe can tell me. Thanks :). Also i notice when I boot my pc it does a LED lighting from red to white then to orange for just a second each then goes away after that I see that weird underline go away then the pc goes to booting up windows just fine. Haven't notice any issues with the computer everything appears to be working fine only had it for about 2 weeks now.


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