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My Apps Store - Remove/Update list


New member
Oct 17, 2013
Open the store, click the trailing ... and choose "my apps"

URG this list is huge for me and full of junk apps I tried and uninstalled. It isn't that useful.

I thought there was a way to clean this up on windowsphone.com but I cant find it anymore. All I see is reinstall and rate not remove.



New member
Feb 1, 2013
Same here. It should be like iTunes on iOS, where you can chose to hide apps associated with your account. I forget how you make them reappear, but there's a way of doing that too.

Same thing should be for Windows Phone. I use myAppFree daily to score free app deals. Even if I don't plan on ever using the app, I still do it "just in case" I desire the app in the future. As such, I have hundreds of apps from both this and many other apps I trialed. I /might/ use them in the future, but for now: they're just cluttering my apps list. Really annoying.