My beloved 1020 died and I need to tell its story


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Jul 29, 2015
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Dear people,

I loved my 1020. And now it is dead. I have a strong urge to share its story by way of writing a small testimonial. An obituary.

I was one of the very early adopters of the phone, having bought it the second it was released in Europe. I took it on many adventures, took amazing pictures and I kept it longer than any other phone I have owned.

My previous device was the original Lumia 800, which introduced me to the superior windows phone platform. I always recommended Nokia and told people especially what a great device the 1020 is. My friends went through various broken Samsungs and iPhone, but my 1020 kept chugging along. I always made fun of how flimsy those phones were, not suited for actual real world use. I praised the 1020's build quality.

The Lumia 1020 was my trusty companion on a great many bike rides. I dropped it so many times. I remember the first time I dropped it: on a concrete cycling path, while moving. It only dented on one side. During its lifespan, the phone was used extensively in many various conditions. It survived being dropped at least 20 times. Heavy falls at that. It survived pouring rain conditions in my pocket. It survived steam and dust.

God I loved that phone. I loved its silly hump. Its smooth edges and unbalanced weight distributions. What a little champ. It just kept going despite all the abuse.

I was planning on keeping it once I replaced it with the successor. However… yesterday, on a full charge, it suddenly stopped working, and no longer turned on. This, as you all well know, had happened before but this time it was different: I had placed the phone on an (god awful) iPad mini with a smart cover. My theory is that it laid on the magnet strip of the cover for too long and that damaged the internals. I tried everything: soft and hard reset, through all the various button holding combinations. I even physically disconnected the battery. But alas, it remains dead.

What a horrible way to go. Killed by an Apple.

I’m sorry friend. You were loved. Thank you Nokia for this great device.

[SUP]... back to reailty. I now need a new phone and since the 1030 is not yet even released, I'm forced to get something else. I tried buying a new 1020 right away, but they no longer sell them in my country.

The 930 black looks oke. I guess I'll have to get that. I hope I wont be too disapointed. I dont like the square edges and I suspect that it may not be as *****-proof as the 1020.
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