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My computer will not shut down, need sensible answer


New member
Nov 12, 2012
I'm afraid we need a bit more information before trying to get you that sensible answer.

Computer... Could you be just a bit more specific? PC, Laptop, Windows Tablet? Maybe even a model name so we know what we are discussing?

What Operating System and version?

Was there any major change to the system recently? Any power surges possible?

This may sound simplistic, but... How are you powering it down? And this can vary by OS version if you take my meaning. Are there specific steps? I've also seen firmware software buttons that live on the taskbar and can be used to power down? Are you using something like that?

Lastly... What happens when you go through the power down procedure? Anything visible? No response? Looks like something is processing, then nothing?

Any programs left open that that can't be closed which might keep the machine from shutting down?

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