My concept of a navigation bar and system tray in Windows 10 Mobile that is unified with Windows 10


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Jun 27, 2012
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I've thought of this concept for some time of a navigation bar and system tray in Windows 10 Mobile that looks like the navigation bar and system tray in Windows 10 in tablet mode. This would make WiFi and cell status, notifications, battery and time visibile at all times compared to today, without sacrificing any screen real estate.

Swiping to the left on the Start Screen or pressing the notification icon in the system tray anywhere would bring up the Action center on the right, also just like Windows 10.

In addition to this, the "All apps" section would be located to the left of the start screen instead of to the right as it is today and therefore accessed by swiping to the right.

In this way, the whole navigation bar, system tray, start screen/menu, action center and all apps menu would basically be similar to Windows 10. You can download the picture to your Windows 10 Mobile device and try it.

Windows 10 mobile.png . . all apps.png


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Nov 24, 2011
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Well, it has a consistency with non-Mobile Windows. The mobile status bar has a lot more icons than you show. The design would either need lots more room at the right or would need to use the Windows tray convention of an arrow to access the other icons. In a weird way, it this is a bit more like WP7 with the status bar showing very little info unless the user tapped it to see more.

Would you replaced the "swipe down" gesture for the Action Center with a "swipe up" from right hand side of the screen or simplify it to a simple tap there? (The swipe left from anywhere on the screen won't work because too many apps use it.)

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