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My dream Microsoft Phone Concept


New member
Aug 14, 2014
I think Microsoft should every year release two flagships..

The Surface Phone and Surface Phone Pro

The Surface Phone
Has the 1020/mclaren body design with the wide but not extremely potruding camera hump..it should come in red,yellow,cyan, and orange polycarbonate unibodies..the black and white models should come in magnesium unibodies with the polycarbonate bottom strip we saw on the McLaren leaks

It should have a 5inch amoled 1080p screen
Latest snapdragon processor
41 megapixel camera (because if its any less then 1020 users will complain)
Carl Zeiss,purebiew,ois,etc
3d touch tech
2500 mAh battery
5megapixel front cam
Gorilla glass 4
And the polycarbonate housings should be swappable

Surface Phone Pro

This one should have the 1520 pillowcase like design and come in the same color options with the black and white options being magnesium with the bottom polycarbonate strip,while the other colors are full bodied polycarbonate.
It should have a 2560x1440 screen (I really don't think its necessary but it'll shut up android users)
Other than this same specs as above,just bigger battery and a slim n trig pen, that can be stored In the phone

Both should have wireless charging,and some sort of actual FEATURES! Windows phones haven't really been introduced to many new features since the 920..just spec and size upgrades (930 and 1520)...androids haven't been getting actual new features either
..just higher specs every year..

Just a little bit of my opinion
So who agrees ?? Or disagrees?:devil:


New member
Jul 4, 2011
Users have been cheering for a Surface Phone for years.

I agee with wireless charging being standard. It is truly a loved feature.