My experience with Lumia 520 vs Moto E


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May 25, 2013
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I am making a quick comparison between L520 and Moto E so for those who are interested in either of these phones might find it useful towards making decision which phone to go for.I had L520 for 11 months and now been using Moto for around 2 weeks.
Looks/Build quality- Both are equally good to me so this might be a subjective choice.
Display- Again its a tie.Both screens are equally good.The higher resolution in Moto E is not apparent though the bigger display is a bonus.
Camera-Lumia wins because it has autofocus and 720p HD recording leading to better quality pics and videos.
Apps/games- Tie.I am not an app freak and i don't play games on my phone much so both platforms gives me similar experience but if you are big on apps and games then Moto would be better.
Multitasking-Moto E wins.Multitasking is butter smooth in Moto E and it never refreshes any apps after switching unlike in L520 which would give me resuming and refreshing all the time.
Battery life-Moto E wins again.Battery life is much better than L520 with similar usage although Moto E takes twice the time to charge than 520.
OS/UI-This is subjective but i like both.I like the simplicity and elegance of WP and freedom of Android. Both phones are lag free and promise of regular updates although i doubt 512mb ram phones will get future updates.
Audio/video quality-Front speakers of Moto E give better sound quality than L520 while through earphones sound quality is equally good.Video is also similar experience though watching videos is a better experience on Moto due to bigger display.720p videos played smoothly on both although i did not try 1080p.
Verdict-Both are equally good and also priced equally at $100 in India.L520 has better camera and more storage while Moto E has better battery life and smoother multitasking.You can't go wrong with either although I would be wary of buying 512mb RAM phone in 2014 as it may hamper your overall experience and future updates.


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Dec 1, 2012
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Great objective review! I honestly cannot tell which OS you prefer, which is how it should be.

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