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Nov 9, 2011
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Out of all the phones I've owned I like Windows Phone and especially my Lumia 635 the best. My previous favorite was my HTC Radar 4G with WP7.5. But it had a nasty data connectivity bug that made me reboot the phone a couple of times a day sometimes for my apps to get data. I had decided though that every phone has its glitches. Other than that it was very stable and apps very rarely crashed so I really liked it. Then I got a Lumia 521 and almost lost faith in WP. It was very slow and apps always crashed with WP8. Even the UI was buggy. So I got 8.1 through DP, hoping that maybe they would fix some of the bugs. That helped a little but overall it was still very buggy. And Cortana was really cool but extremely unstable. I really liked WP though and read many reviews that praised the Lumia 635. So when the Walmart website dropped to $99 for it I decided to give WP one more chance. I am soooo glad I did. This phone is quick and stable like my old Radar 4g. In fact it is more stable because I have had this phone for almost a week now and can't think of any annoying recurring bugs that make me hate it. In fact I think it might be more stable than my iPad also. And Cortana works GREAT! I love being able to say "take me to Bombay Express" and she looks up the address online and opens my nav app. Or I say "call bouldin creek cafe" and she looks up the number and calls, even though I dont have it in my contacts. And all this stability and advanced technology is coming from a $100 phone. Awesome!

So basically, I'm just trying to say I LOVE MY LUMIA 635!!! :love::love::love:

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