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My Lumia 1520 cannot finish up with windows 10 upgrade and keeps restarting

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I was running a windows 10 update for my lumia 1520 (which was operating on windows 8.1 then) and my battery run flat in the process. So I plugged in my charger thinking it would finish up the update with the direct power source but unfortunately the update only run to about 30 percent and the phone restarts, restarts the installation, gets to about 30 percent and restarts again. The process keeps repeating itself again and again even when plugged in for a whole day. How do I fix this please? I even tried a hard reset but the phone still skips to continue with the upgrade and restarts in the process.


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Nov 12, 2012
Soft Reset is the typical fix for a stuck update (holding Power + Volume Down until the phone reboots - about ten seconds).

However, you may have not gotten the whole upgrade file? Don't know where you got interrupted.

Check this post to put your phone in flashing mode and THEN connect to WDRT. http://forums.windowscentral.com/ge...ol-expanded-covers-more-oems.html#post3409280

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