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My Lumia 625 phone is stuck at 0 grinding gears then restarts and does an endless loop. How can I fix this?

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My lumia 625h phone stuck at 0% grinding gears then restart and do the endless loop

I dont know what my dad did to the phone, but he said that he tried to update the phone. So, the phone was at the grinding gears. I waited but it stuck on there. Without finding another solution, i tried to turned it off (this time i didnt know about hard reset). And the phone turned on and did the same thing. But the grinding gears was occured in few seconds until it turned off again and turned on again and did the endless loop. From there, i tried to take off the SD card, and it still do the same, but differently instead of doing a loop, its turned off until i pressed the power button.

Last time, i tried to press the power button and volume down button. And the phone vibrates and showed up nokia logo, and i pressed and hold the volume down and expected an exclamation mark. But instead of exclamation mark, the nokia logo disappeared and appeared and do the loop until i released the volume down, and it show grinding gears.

Maybe i should gave this to technical support. Thank you for your support.