My lumia 930 keep rebooting for unknown reason

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Whats wring with my phone?? It just keep rebooting.. this happen since couple of week ago.. at first, it just restart once a day, later it become more frequent.. and, now it just become worse than before.. For unknown reason, it keep rebooting.. when the "NOKIA" is appear, the phone suddenly off then nokia logo appear again, then off again.. the situation keep going until battery is empty.. with some recommendation, i try to these things, and none of these help:

1. soft-reset the phone
2. hard reset the phone
3. remove the sim card charge and re-insert the sim card as suggested from other user with similar problem
4. I try to update, but still no improvement
5. Download the apps 'stop-restart'

I've done all the things that listed above, and nothing happen.. my lumia still with the same conditions.. i'm running out of the options now.. Feeling sad, and thought that maybe i should get a new phone instead of hoping that thing might become better.. Feeling hopeless now.. T.T

However, some suggest me to replace the battery.. But, not sure if this gonna work.. Need help please..

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