My Nokia Lumia 520 screen display is disconnecting, how do I stop this?

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Nokia Lumia 520 Screen Display is disconnecting

So I've started having an issue where the display will just black out on me and won't turn back on. I've found that by pressing down on the screen itself, I can get the display back, but if I move it around too much or leave it in my pocket for a while it will "break" again.

The actual touch response is fine, just difficult navigating the phone on a black screen, so I'm hoping somebody here knows of any possible fixes to check? (Note: I'm comfortable opening and have opened electronic devices and re-soldering/ed components that needed it. I'd just prefer to know what I'm looking for in advance if it comes to that. I'd imagine it is probably a banner strip if it is the screen blacking out on me.)

Thank you.

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