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native messenger and skype

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WPCentral Question


Longtime windows phone user (focus, venue, 900, 920, 520, might be another one in there - 830 soon)

The most recent update has completely removed what I found to be an extremely useful feature - the native chat + text. I have windows messenger contacts, and frequently used this feature to maintain conversations. I was disappointed at first when the desktop client disappeared, but made the transition to the Skype client.

with that setup I was able to IM from my desktop, and then resume a conversation from the native messenger application with no delay. the Skype application for windows phone has poor performance relative to the native application. this results in greatly delayed notifications, and significant lagtime when resuming the application.

Is there any news about improved Skype performance or integration to the OS? This is not an issue on Android phones - buying into the WP ecosystem is now questionable from this standpoint.


New member
Aug 22, 2012
yeah, the lets call it "windows phone messenger" is giving Microsoft a headache, they have no idea what they want, although i really really like it was before, one chat page to rule them all.

but yet again, we couldn't have all the features, if you remember, we couldn't send pics and other stuf. soo, like is pretty fair.


New member
Nov 13, 2012
Microsoft has screwed up big time by not turning skype into something similar to imessage+facetime or google hangouts. It should be the default SMS/mms/video chat app on all windows devices.


New member
Sep 8, 2014
absolutely. we had also had voice to text for chat when it was unified. now we don't. These are fundamental requirements.

I have a phone number, I don't need or want a Skype number too. I do need an device that I can use for IM and text, etc. and not have to create yet another identity to do these things. Really close to considering the move Android at this point.