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Need A Windows Phone, Saw A Huge Discount For HTC 8X, Have Questions!


New member
Dec 7, 2012
hi guys,

i think i need a windows phone because I feel that the offline navigation (HERE Maps?) would truly help me when i travel (because most likely i can't rely on Google maps in Android when I do not have any data plan) . While I dont need to rush things but there's a huge discount for HTC 8X in one of stores here in my country. It's like 40% off! I really want to buy it but i truly doubt its offline navigation/map capability. Then I did a quick search on Google and saw this:

Nokia Keeps Driving Its HERE Maps With Paid Global Sat-Nav App For Other Windows Phones | TechCrunch

so basically by just paying a little bit of fee, I can get the exact same features of Nokia apps with the ones you can find on the Lumias? Can anyone confirm if it's true? Because if yes I would buy the 8X right away because it's way way cheaper with the discount.


New member
Oct 29, 2012
Yes that's how it works.

With the HTC phone you will get Here Drive maps in your local region for free.
In order to get maps in other countries you have to pay to upgrade.