Need help!!! Windows 10 flashing blue screen on start up?

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Need help!!! Windows 10 flashing blue screen on start up

My computer has always been fine, until one day i was getting pop ups and redirected randomly, i notice a strange file called "techsmart computer" and was trying to delete it but couldn't so i wanted to go into safe mode and forcibly remove it, i open the start up menu simply check safe mode only and restarted, ever since all i see is the black screen with it loading with nothing else no repair, error message just it loading then it goes to the login screen the blue one and for some strange reason it is flickering as it its turning on/off and its a never ending load! if i press the power button its shutting down and it stops flickering, i searched online for solutions and nothing relevant and of the possible solutions i cant do because i can never get into the login screen, this is not a instillation issue or driver or graphics card, est... started ever since i checked the safe mode, i want to mention i'm writing this using a different computer, also don't know if its a 32 or 64 bit and please if i need to reinstall widows 10 do give me a clean link and clear simple instructions so that i don't lose my games, files and doc. please and thank you in advance.


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Nov 1, 2015
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Re: Need help!!! Windows 10 flashing blue screen on start up

This is going to sound harsh but please don't take it as such; NEVER delete or move unknown software PRIOR to researching and confirming what it is. Even if you're positive that it's alien, make sure you know what it is and what it's doing.

Your issue could be a number of things but it sounds like you've unintentionally downloaded malware, perhaps adware or a browser hijacker. First and foremost, if you cannot achieve desktop either in standard boot or Safe Mode, confirm that you can at least reach BIOS (typically F2 or F5 during boot). If you can, that's a good thing. Second, do you have a restore CD/DCD-ROM or USB? We can then go from their after your reply...

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