Need your advice. Screwed out of a Pre-order


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Sep 6, 2012
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Long story but I'll try to shorten this as much as possible.

Last Sunday night while most pre-orders for the Scorpio Edition were already gone, the Microsoft Store had just launched their online pre-orders. So thankfully I caught this is in time.

Now my dilemma started when I wanted to attempt to use $525 spread over 6 Visa gift cards I won at work to put towards the pre-order.

I connected over the phone with a super helpful reply. She was dedicated to figuring this out. Her suggestion was to convert all my gift cards over the phone to Microsoft online credits. Then I guess put those towards my purchase and whatever balance left would go on my personal Visa.

Sounded easy enough right? So we began converting them one by one. We hit a road block half way through when 3 of the cards refused to convert until they were registered online. So she offered to call me back in 30 min once I got the Visa issue sorted out. Again, super helpful for offering this!

45 minutes later finally got the last 3 cards registered. She called back and we got the last 3 cards converted. Now I had $525 CAD converted into Microsoft online store credits. The final step was to transfer the remaining balance to my personal Visa.

Suddenly she says "Uh oh." She says my account got locked from too many transactions and that she had to escalate to her manager. I was obviously concerned about my pre-order now but she assured me it was safe and that the moment she gets into work the following day we'd finish the pre-order process.

The following afternoon I miss a call while I'm at work Microsoft. No voicemail message was left. I called back that evening and spoke to the same representative. She says she has bad news, that all pre-orders are gone. I said good thing mine isn't. She said it was. So obviously I got a little upset since she promised this wouldn't happen. She said she can hold my money in case pre-orders open up again. But of course she had no info on this. I asked for a refund because I had discovered that Walmart still was taking pre-orders to my surprise. She said she had to escalate to figure out how to refund me.

The following day again she calls me. Says I can't get a refund either. I say that's not acceptable and to escalate again. She says the most she can do is offer me $20 for my troubles on my account.

So now I have no Scorpio pre-order, and they have $545 of my money that is useless being with them. All I did was follow Microsoft's direction.

Any suggestions where or who to escalate to next?


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Jan 1, 2011
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Aside from going on social media, copying major nelson and xbox, you just may be out of luck.

try going in to a microsoft store if you are near one.

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