Netflix Stuck on Spash Screen (spinning bubbles) B33-S2 ?

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Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. I've run into an issue regarding netflix and not loading past the splash screen. The issue only seems to affect new phones out of the box or phones that are fresh off a factory reset. Whether you restore your backups or not makes no difference. It affects both Windows 8 mobile and Windows 10 mobile.

After the netflix app is installed you open it only to find it's stuck at the splash screen with the spinning bubbles. After many minutes you may get the following error message:


In chatting with netflix support that error points to DNS not resolving for netflix. The initial thought was that it was my ISP however it was not working via an LTE connection either. However, that tip lead me to the solution. So here is what you need to do to fix it:

1. Close the netflix app (hold back arrow and close netflix)
2. Go to via internet explorer or edge.
3. Sign into This may take some time.
4. Now re-open the netflix app. The app should now allow you to login.

Hope this helps some poor soul.

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