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Jul 10, 2007
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I just upgraded my client and firmware to 6.0 that was released 11/18. I was running the default 6_1.3.29.3060 previously.

I am running a Sprint HTC Touch with Windows 6.1.

A few questions:

  • I never get a Highspeed USB indicator (confirmed Hispeed USB 2.0 cable - printed on the cable itself. HTC says the Touch is USB 2.0. I get the standard USB icon in the RedFly tray).
  • Anywhere map (from Control Vision) now runs as a small screen, about the size of the phone, instead of full screeen. This is one of my main apps to use on the RedFly. I may go back to the old firmware to get full screen. Any other options for an app like this to make it full screen?
  • 800x480 Celio backgrounds do not display for me. I renamed them to stwater_800_480.jpg (the name specified in the Celio instructions) and moved it to the windows directory. The background does not display on the full screen, it does show when I pull down the main windows start menu. The selected background only shows behind the start menu, not on the full screen. Is this a HTC Touch issue, maybe TouchFlo related?

Love the RedFly!


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Jul 31, 2008

1) Did you get the Highspeed USB icon with the old firmware? By the way, even though the REDFLY has USB 2.0 and some phones now support it, Windows Mobile itself does not support 2.0 fully so you won?t see a huge difference in day-to-day work on REDFLY with USB 2.0. File transfers over a USB Thumb Drive will be faster, but that?s about it.

2) This is the first I?ve heard about Anywhere Map. Please submit the issue to and make sure to say it worked fine with the old firmware. We made some changes to the phone dialer interface to make it more compatible with more phones and I?m wondering if we did something to mess up Anywhere Map or other apps.

3) See this post for some info on the backgrounds. It may be that depending on the theme, you need to save the images as a PNG or gif instead of a JPG.

Let me know if you want to revert back to the old firmware/drivers and I?ll send you the cab files.

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