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Mar 25, 2011
Coming to WinPhone7

Hey guys I came here because I see a lot of potential in WinPhone7. I am currently using android (fascinate) and I like it but I'm not fully satisfied with it. I do plan to upgrade to the HTC Trophy when it comes out in Verizon. Probably won't get it at launch because of financial issues. Although I've been hearing lots of talk of microsoft or companies having issues with updating the OS and I can feel you guys. My fascinate is running android 2.1 and the update to 2.2 never came out. The issue might be with verizon or samsung but nothing is for sure. I can simply root the fascinate and get custom build roms but its not something I believe on. I like the concept of opensource but from there the devices keep getting old as new ones come out every two months. It gets annoying after a while because of all the talk. And all those android fanboys that immediately fall into androids game and upgrade devices every two months. Thats not a fair game if you ask me. Shouldn't any device come perfect in the box? eh? I know phone7 is not perfect right now but it simply gets my attention. Maybe I said things that didn't make any sense but eh there it goes. So hi!
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