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Hello everyone.
For all of you that weren't aware of this app, check the video on Microsoft Lumia US Youtube channel.(It doesn't allow me to share links here).

Microsoft claims that you should be able to connect to your PC with this app even if your Lumia and your PC aren't on the same network, meaning over the internet.

I've spent all night trying to set this up(the fact that Microsoft didn't provide any tutorial for this didn't help) using port forwarding but had to luck in making it work.

Has anyone tried to make this work or had similar experience with port forwarding and connecting remotely to the PC?

I could really use some help since I've never done this before.


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May 2, 2012
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I've been trying to leverage continuum by remote accessing a home PC over the internet, but also no success. I can remotely access the PC when both PC and phone are on the same WiFi network, but otherwise I can't do it. I saw that I can either make my IP address public via my router settings, or i can setup a VPN and keep my IP address more secure. HOwever, I don't know how to set up a VPN...

So, I too could use some help. I really don't want to make my IP public.

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