New wp7 device?


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May 20, 2011
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I'm currently using Samsung Omnia 7 but I'm going to sell it and want to get new WP7 device.

I didn't like any phones with qwerty keyboard but after I saw LG Quantum I've liked it! it's so cute and sexy as well.

But when I was looking for some information about LG quantum, I read some articles and threads about new WP7 devices.

Do you guys think it will be coming out soon like in August or September?
and will it have duel core CPU and better GPU for XBOX gaming?
I know actually WP7 OS doesn't need the high spec but just I want to get Today's phone.

The most important feature that I care is a front face camera. Does anyone know about new WP7 device with front face camera?
Please give me some answers to make a good decision.

I also heard Mango update will be coming to current WP7 devices but the language supports(Especially East Asian languagues as I'm Korean) won't be on 1st gen wp7 devices. Please let me know what is right what is wrong.

Thanks guys.


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May 19, 2011
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I'm not sure if the Language issue will be related to the device but more to the updates that are installed on them I will ask some questions and if I hear anything I will let you know.
Regarding any new devices traditionally I would not expect to see anything until around October/November as that is the build up to the festive period when most people treat themselves and buy devices etc for others.
The other issue is where in the world devices will initially be launched unless you want to buy from abroad as some devices like the HTC Surround was only in the US shame as in the UK it was on my most wanted list.

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