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New Xbox Music and Xbox Video Apps slow?

Moiz Mian

New member
Aug 5, 2013
One thing I've noticed is that these new apps are way slower than the built-in music+video hub. My only question is, why can't Microsoft themselves use a first party API to make these apps run like native apps. Same with Facebook and Skype, or all of the Nokia Apps. (Pretty sure Windows Phone 8 is the only OS that has a slow to start up Maps app and Camera App) They have to "Resume" just like any 3rd party app. If Microsoft is planning to get rid of hubs and replace everything with apps, that scares me for the future of Windows Phone. The great thing about the first party apps is that they never have to load. And honestly, the start up speed of 3rd party apps is actually pretty abysmal throughout the OS. I hope this is addressed in WP8.1

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