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No SMS, Data Connection But call seems fine


New member
May 12, 2014
Devices : RM - 943 (625H)

hello there

I'm trying the current fast ring build, in past already tried the 2nd and the 3rd build and this build is crazy fast even faster than the commercial release

but there is few critical issues seems send/receive SMS or using data connection. call just fine like they are.

do anyone have workaround? I'm willing to back after wait for a few month hoping the issues are long gone but seems not
I'm completely understand this program but I love to see it's perform like I want. the OSes were crazy responsive and I love it so much

if anyone has tips please do, I'll wait for a few days before back to commercial OSes if no solution available



I got error when trying to update serval apps 0x803f7000
one of them are network services do anyone know how to solve this? I may be able to resolve my current issues by downloading that one

I did hard reset and no luck
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