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no sound notification e-mail windows 10


WPCentral Question

I've done everything required in the settings activating sound and banner but still not getting sound when receiving my e-mails. Since I've got many accounts, it's a real bummer.
It's a bug and before my upgrade from 8.1 to 10 on my surface everything was working fine. This is how I feel about windows &*?%*


Dec 31, 2012
Settings/Notifications/Mail/Play a Sound on

Settings/Personalization/Themes/Advanced Sounds/Notification - check it has a sound.


New member
Aug 4, 2015
Do you see the mail app listed in "background apps"? Mine wasn't even listed. That was an issue with me when I upgraded, and from another thread I am following I still don't see it being fixed. One of the reasons I rolled back to 8.1 (not all the reasons)... I needed my mail notifications. Hopefully that will be something that an update will fix in the future.