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Nokia 1520 Build 10586.29 problems


New member
Jun 28, 2015
Hi, after upgrading to the latest build these are some of the problems I'm facing.
No glance screen, no Motion data, the programs that use Motion just fail and just report that my phone doesn't report data.
And the worst of all when making a phone call the screen goes black, so I don't know if the phone is working or not, the same happens when receiving phone calls.
I have reset the phone a few times but nothing happens.

Prodip Saha

New member
Sep 7, 2014
My 15020 was on 10586.29 for few weeks w/o any issue. Matter of fact, I am satisfied with the new features brought by Windows 10, Edge browser, password protected OneNote, Office apps- yea, excel is like desktop app but on the phone, the list goes on! I upgraded to 10586.36 today and all came fine. You may consider 10586.36 since it should have bug fixes.