Nokia Lumia 1520 - Abnormal Battery Drain


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Jun 19, 2014
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Could anyone give me some advice on how to solve the issue of rapid battery drain on an AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520?
I have had two instances where the battery level on my phone has dropped from 30%-40% to 20% or less.
This past Tuesday, I had left the house on a sunny day with about 50% charge on my phone. After reading on for about 30 minutes, the battery life dropped to 31% and then the phone displayed the critical battery alert and immediately shut off. The phone was noticeably warm so I went inside and let the phone cool off. After a few minutes, I powered the phone on again and the battery level was 17%. I had barely started reading when the phonej displayed the critical battery alert and then shut down again. The phone was not as warm as before so I booted it up again and the phone booted up and displayed it had 2% battery life. I charged my phone that night.
I did not use it until today this morning.
The phone had about 47% battery life and I was reading the news feeds in a dimly lit room. Then the battery life dropped to 13%. I turned off my phone and waited a few hours before charging it again.
There is one instance before these events that my phone had shut off on its own was two weeks ago when I was using Office Lens in a bright room when my phone shut off after displaying the critical battery alert. I plugged my phone in and realized it shut off because of overheating. It showed a battery level of 46% while plugged in, the same level when it shut off. Could this be related to the instances I described above?
Thank you for reading all of this and I appreciate your help.


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Nov 9, 2012
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I'm having a very similar issue on my 1520.3 running the latest win 10 (10512). exactly what you described. This is a fresh hard reset after upgrading to 10512 from 10166.


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Sep 30, 2012
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ive been having the same/similar issue. Ive finally had time to do a few tests & make a few observations. in my case it seems to be Edge running in the background that causing the problems. today for instance, battery is 90%+, i do no more than a couple of minutes web browsing, press the windows key turn my screen off & put my phone back in my pocket. about an hour later i look at my phone again & my battery is 50-60% & my phone is warm but not hot. this time i close edge & put my phone away. again after about an hour I look at my phone & its only lost a couple of % & is cold. Ive had my suspicions for a few days but hadnt had the time to figure out if it was edge, fuse or facebook or weather its not app related. im going to keep trying a few things but im fairly sure Edge being left in the background is the root of my problems.

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