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Nokia lumia 720 : What a user want?


New member
Mar 18, 2014
I love my nokia lumia 720 no doubt ,but being a user of windows device i miss basic app features and certain more ...:
>whatsapp- unable to send gallery songs and videos...
>notification light for messages or mail on windows logo
>Why only bing as a search option on search button why not user choice to use google/yahoo etc
>Ringtone selection-no options to use ringtone saved in memory card
>lock screen tone atlest 3 options to choose ..



New member
Jul 1, 2013
1. Whatsapp will have that update very soon probably after windows 8.1 releases. Note : Videos can be forwarded and downloaded, sharing option will come but I dont think you will able to share songs because of the OS restrictions, Windows doesnt like piracy. ;)
2. I dont think a Notification light is one think that every user needs. Its just up to the OEM manufacturer. In that place you have Glance to make use of.
3. You can always use Google search via IE, do you think Google will allow Bing search to be the defaut search engine on Android phones ? Vice Versa
4. You can always do that by going and pasting stuff into the ringtones folder in phone memory by connecting your phone to a computer or just download Nokia's Ringtone maker.
5. Yes, I wish that things like this will improve after 8.1 :p


New member
Mar 1, 2014
I have been a WP user for just about a month now and yes, I can say that the app ecosystem still lags behind IOS and Android. However, the fluidity and ease of access of WP makes me think that all the years I was using android compared. There are those apps that you will find that it takes so much time to have an update. I guess it was just that android is almost at par with IOS in terms of OS use and market share however WP is closely trailing. I like that WP have so much potential to improve the OS experience and who knows, even best the current dominance of IOS and android. :smile:

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