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Nokia Lumia 920 Damaged


New member
Oct 31, 2012
Dropped mine from three feet and the screen shattered into close to a thousand pieces... 😞. Two days ago... 5 months into a,3 year contract.


New member
Dec 11, 2012
There must be at least a 50/50 chance it would break as I've only dropped mine once & that was enough

well I just got home and took my 920 out if it's indestructible otter box and then immediately it slipped out of my hands and I tried to grab it, creating an almost thrown to the ground, hard tile by the way, situation... Guess what. Unscathed. So I'll give you 33% chance.


New member
Nov 19, 2011
It's completely inescapable physics. Until we get into flexible displays and completely do away with glass, phone screens will continue to shatter if the device lands in a way where the impact is absorbed by the glass. This is why plastic is a better casing material than aluminum and the like: the ability to absorb some of the impact and reduce the amount of energy transferred to the glass. (not to mention reception) Give me a polycarbonate bodied Lumia with a flexible display (perhaps from Samsung) and I won't be as concerned about dropping it.


New member
Dec 2, 2012
Something I said on an other forum;

The Lumia 920 is a tough SOB.

My Lumia dropped on concrete // tiles etc a few times,
it flew a few times (b/c of the glossy cover, trying to recover it mid-air...which just catapults it through my living room as if it were a part of an angry birds level..

I smacked it (deliberately) on metal pipes, al sorts of cornered furniture, knife/forks/keys etc...

I gave the Lumia to kids (to show off the kids corner to parents). (heavy glossy 920 & kids hands... idd... also few drops or whatever they did with it...)

Every company where I was working on projects, I showed of the Lumia by trowing it through the office.
And trying to catch it...all by myself.

The only damage the Lumia occurred was because of the continiously drops on one particular corner.
But still.... it holds :smiley happy:

I did get some screen scratches on it, when i was smashing the screen against a granite table corner..
Oh well... it still acted as Mj?lnir. =p


As it goes with everything, I got a bit TOO confident.

With a group of friends (bachelorparty of a friend) we crashed a party.
After a while the subject changed to mobile phones, and of course.... I had to show my pocketlove.

( why my pocket love? b/c imo the Lumia 920 was the first and only worthy smartphone to buy.
none other smartphone had the hardware specs as the Lumia.
Previous celly was a Sony Ericsson W995.)

So at the party, I demonstrated the strength of the screen by knocking it a few times on my glass bottle.
My first blow to the screen was actually on the front ear speaker. Which made the screen crack on all directions.

But I didn't know that, and I kept smacking the lumia on my bottle with a huge smile on my face..
until i noticed something sticking onto my bottle...

Below you can see the result for yourself.


After all the torture that the Lumia 920 went through, the LCD display is still without any damage.
Everything still works the same, besides the fact that the readability horrible is.

Moral of the verhaal?

Even if you hit the weak spot on the screen, the Lumia holds.
or when in FL, the Lumia stands it ground.


I'm buying the Lumia 920 brand new.
(the price of the display&lcd etc... is almost at the same price as the 920 itself.)


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New member
Apr 3, 2012
Yes the Lumia 920 is like a tank. Tanks can be broken or blown to pieces with enough force as well.


New member
Sep 12, 2012
It's not indestructible. It's glass, it WILL shatter when dropped in the wrong direction.

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