Nokia Lumia Music Problem

Eoin Thornton

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Dec 6, 2013
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So I received my Lumia 521 replacement phone after discovering that the first one was defective. It was extremely slow and failed to open various applications including the settings. I was extremely frustrated, here is the post I made about it:

Nokia Lumia 521 - WTF? : windowsphone

I realize now that defective phones are a thing. But, even though the new phone works much better (faster, actually loads apps on the first try) one thing that is still problematic is the music player. For some reason the music player freezes when I try to play songs. These songs are located on my SD card. Sometimes the "MixRadio" app freezes when opening and I'll have to take out the battery of my phone, sometimes I get all the way to choosing a song and it freezes there. Sometimes in the middle of a song it will just stop playing and I'll have to take the battery out to start the app again. The apps also tend to open sometimes with the screen that you usually get when opening the app for the first time..

I have no idea why this is happening. The songs are located on an SD card. I live up in the Berkeley Hills, could this be a service provider issue?. What exactly happens when I open the mixradio app? does it try and connect to the internet?. As I've said the songs are located on an SD card, I have no need to use any of the other services that require internet connection. All I want to do is play the songs that I have on my phone. The Xbox Music app has the same problems... What can I do to resolve this?, It's very annoying when going for a run or hike and my music won't work or stops working. It even happens when I'm down in the city and my phone says I have a 4 bar connection and 4G connectivity..

Also, why did I have to pay $15 to get a replacement phone when it wasn't my fault and a hard reset doesn't work.


Jun 11, 2013
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If a camera is faulty and lets say Olympus warranties it, I have to pay for shipping it back to them, yeah it sucks but it's pretty standard practice.
I think TM pays for shipping the old phone back tho'

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