Nokia's plan to conquer the world! good news for wp7...


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Jun 28, 2011
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Nokia lays out its plan to conquer America
August 10, 2011 | By Surur

Nokia has a battle plan for conquering USA, Chris Weber, head of Nokia’s North American sales group, and recently ex-Microsoft, where he led a sales team, has explained to SFgate exactly how they intended to win in the North American market.

Here’s the plan:

***Work with carriers. Nokia will work with all the major carriers to sell subsidized phones at very competitive prices. They will no longer be pushing unlocked handsets at full price, as was their earlier strategy.
***Flood the market with different phones. They plan to release multiple phones, some cheaper than the cheapest Android handsets, with volume starting in 2012. Nokia can achieve this better than HTC, LG or Samsung due to their massive logistics resource which comes from being the biggest phone vendor in the world.
***Seed retail stores. Weber plans to change the presentation of Windows Phones in stores, and also change the attitude of the sales staff selling (or not selling) them, aiming to get them to ”carry one on their belt.” Failing this he hoped for some benefit from the 75 new Microsoft stores set to open over the next 3 years.
***Advertise the differences. Spend much more on marketing, with some of that money coming from Microsoft as part of their February deal. Be where the action is. Get closer control over the US marketing of the phones in US, instead of getting orders from Finland, where they may be out of touch with the market.
***Make a stealth play for businesses. Take advantage of RIM’s weakening position. Nokia will work with the enterprise sales forces of carriers, as well as the Microsoft enterprise sales force that Weber used to lead, to push its phones to business customers and IT departments. Get really close to Microsoft’s platform plans.
***Get plugged in with the rest of Microsoft’s ecosystem, which is set to converge next year. This may indicate Windows 8 tablets, but Weber did not confirm this. Seems like a very realistic plan, with execution the only hurdle. (courtesy

could Nokia turn it around?


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Nov 20, 2010
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I really can't wait for a Nokia handset. I love their industrial design on their higher end phones and I think it's gonna go great with WP7.


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Jun 21, 2011
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While I'm looking forward to Nokia releasing a WP7 handset stateside, right now I just want to see some new hardware, from any manufacturer. WP7 needs a breath of fresh air.

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